Marketing and Public Relations Committee of the Chinese Museums Association

  Established in January 2007, the Marketing and Public Relations Committee of the Chinese Museums Association(MPR) is a professional committee registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs and under the direct leadership of the Chinese Museums Association, and is a voluntary organization which consists of domestic museums and related cultural experts and people from all walks of life who are interested in culture and museums. The Committee is a nonprofit organization that aims to actively explore the public relations channels in museum marketing and development, open up new marketing models between museums and the community, and promote the development of museum field in China. It is the only official representative body in the Chinese museum field authorized to participatee in the events of the Marketing and Public Relations Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM MPR). The Committee is under the auspices of the Palace Museum.

  The MPR actively strives to promote the progress and development of China's museum field in the areas of cultural inheritance, personnel training, public training, cultural creative products, marketing and others in the hope of promoting the deep integration of museums and market.



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