Exhibition in Henan Museum -- "Central Plains Chu Bronze Art Museum"

Central Plains Chu Bronze Art Museum

      The main body of the exhibition is the exquisite bronzes unearthed from the noble cemetery of Chu state in Xichuan County, Henan Province. According to the classification of the use of bronze ware, the bronze art of Chu system in Central Plains is concentrated.

     The magnificent decoration and 85 character inscriptions of Prince Wu Ding are important objects for the study of Gongqing of Chu state. Cloud pattern copper ban, as the earliest casting tool found in China by lost wax method, has five layers of hollow through carving and 24 dragon shaped monsters climbing and supporting. The exquisite craftsmanship is amazing. In addition, "Wang sun Gao's chime bell" is broad and vigorous, the bronze deity beast is strange and beautiful, as well as a large number of silent 2500 year old amazing works, such as cloud pattern square pot, Ke Huang Sheng Ding, rolling cloud pattern filled lacquer Ding, etc., all gather in this place.
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