Carrying, cultural and Museum IP helps cultural relics "live"

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Cultural heritage IP helps cultural relics "live"

——Xiamen actively explores the effective path of cultural relics protection and utilization reform

      Xiamen Wen Lu Bureau, around the implementation of general secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions to "let the cultural relics live", actively explore effective ways to strengthen the protection and utilization of cultural relics, and promote the application of Wen Bo IP from four aspects, helping to make cultural relics "live".

      Project leading, stimulating innovation vitality. First, we should grasp macro guidance. Conscientiously implement the implementation plan of Xiamen Municipality on strengthening the reform and utilization of cultural relics and protection, and constantly promote the policy of cultural heritage utilization and innovation, and create new vitality for cultural relics, and to marry museums by promoting the development of cultural and cultural products, and promoting the creation of cultural and creative products, enhancing the digitalization of cultural relics, implementing the guidelines for the opening of cultural buildings and participating in the Internet plus Chinese civilization project. IP To provide multi-cultural experience for the public. Second, we should pay attention to high-level grafting. We have reached strategic cooperation and specific cooperation agreements with China cultural relics news agency and China cultural relics exchange center in many aspects. Through high-level grafting, we can effectively revitalize the cultural resources and infrastructure resources of museums in the city, and promote the professional level of museums in the city in terms of exhibition, social education, and IP application transformation of cultural relics and museums. Third, focus on key audiences. We should make clear the application focus of Cultural Expo IP, start from the original intention of "let history go into life", attract young audience with the characteristics of fashion trend, transform the Cultural Expo IP into fashion, make the museum more modern, trendy and open, focus on attracting the masses with new products and new consumption, especially gradually cultivate the concept of "national tide is in time" among young groups, so as to realize cultural charm and comprehensive effect At the same time, it also attracts cultural and creative enterprises to actively participate in the application of cultural and Museum IP, optimize the resource allocation in the field of cultural and Museum IP, and improve the transformation efficiency. Fourth, grasp the time node. In combination with the international museum day, cultural and natural heritage day and other important work such as welcoming the 44th World Heritage conference and focusing on protection and repair, we should carry out extensive publicity and mobilization to create a good public opinion atmosphere that respects intellectual property rights, protects research and development innovation, and releases the IP vitality of cultural relics.

     All staff share and promote the opening of resources. One is to enhance the digitization of cultural relics resources. Actively apply for special funds from the central government, and focus on promoting the digital protection of movable cultural relics of all museums, especially state-owned museums, to improve the digital collection and 3D digital display of precious cultural relics displayed and displayed in museums, and then conduct IP application research and development of cultural relics through data, so as to achieve the same level of digitization of cultural relics and intelligent level of IP application research and development of cultural relics Step up. The second is to expand the opening of cultural relic resources data and information. The city has more than 32000 cultural relics and 1700 immovable cultural relics in the registered museums. There are many cultural relics that witness the outward orientation of the maritime Silk Road. There are also many cultural relics left when China opened its eyes to the world in the early days of China. Xiamen Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism has continuously promoted the sharing and exchange of resources among museums in the city, and opened cultural relic resources data information comprehensively, equally and orderly to the society, so that these cultural relics with strong historical heritage and rich cultural value become the source of Xiamen Cultural Expo IP. The third is to launch online quality experience of cultural relics resources. Integrating modern advanced technology, we launched a number of high-quality online exhibition projects. In particular, during the period of Xinguan epidemic prevention and control, museums actively carried out online exhibitions and exhibitions to convey museum culture and humanistic care through the network. Four projects, including "Xiamen history exhibition", were selected into the National Museum online exhibition promotion activities organized by the State Administration of cultural relics, and some of the IP applications of cultural relics were selected into the national "100 posters of cultural relics and epidemic".

     Build bridges and ties to mobilize the active participation of the society. One is to pay attention to training and build a communication platform. In addition, more and more museums and museums have been organized to activate the intellectual property rights of museums in the year of 2019. The second is to grasp the events and promote healthy competition. The "Xiamen Cultural Expo IP application competition (2020)" sponsored by Xiamen Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism has received positive responses from many museums, creative product design units and individuals in southwest Fujian, Fuzhou, Nanping and other places. A total of 247 sets of 875 entries were submitted by 89 units and individuals, and the total number of online voting pages was more than 325000. Third, grasp the big V, improve the brand construction. This year, Shan Jixiang, former president of the National Palace Museum, was invited to give a special live broadcast of "laodan takes you to visit Xiamen Museum and talk about cultural creation", bringing the successful series of Xiamen Museum and the IP cultural products of jiangtingxi flower and bird painting series of Qing Dynasty, providing high-quality cultural experience for all sectors of the society and receiving good social benefits and communication effects More than 37000 people watched live on the "watch Xiamen" platform, which effectively enhanced the public's awareness and concern for Xiamen's characteristic ICIP, and promoted the brand building of ICI.

     We should adhere to the principle of integrating culture with tourism, and deepen the integrated development of culture and tourism. One is to realize the integration of elements. Take the activation and utilization of Cultural Expo IP as an important starting point for the integrated development of "poetry and distance", reconstruct links, expand platforms, enrich elements, cultivate new formats and build new kinetic energy, promote research travel in the field of cultural relics, the application of IP in tourism products, and develop Museum tour routes, so as to strengthen the brand of cultural tourism integration and development. Second, media convergence. Focusing on big data, information sharing, cross-border creativity and financial media communication, we will support all forces to use market mechanism to develop sharing economy, scene services and emerging consumption in the field of IP application of cultural relics and museums, so as to release vitality to the maximum extent. During this year's "May 18th International Museum Day", the total number of Museum events, live broadcast and topic network interaction has exceeded 410000. The third is to stimulate the night economy. From May 18 to May 23, Xiamen Municipal Museum held the "wonderful night of Museum" for the first time, and took the lead in trying to open at night among the museums in the city. Encourage and guide other museums to carry out night opening exploration and practice, provide high-quality night cultural services for the public, and further stimulate the night economy. Fourth, promote coordinated development. Encourage and support cultural and creative industry associations and institutions of higher learning and other units in the Collaborative Development Zone of Southwest Fujian in innovation and practice in the field of IP application of cultural heritage and give priority to breakthroughs. In the process of organizing Xiamen Cultural Expo IP application competition (2020), we signed and initiated the establishment of the southwest Fujian Cultural and creative alliance, and joined hands to build a new platform for cultural and creative industry exchange and cooperation in southwest Fujian.

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