Sino British Museum curation and IP development forum

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Sino British Museum curation and IP development forum


Time: November 25, 2018


Venue: Conference Room 403, Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center


I. background of the Forum


     The China Museum and related products and Technology Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Expo") is a large international museum industry with the largest scale, the strongest professionalism and the most extensive influence in China and even Asia under the guidance of the State Administration of cultural relics, CO sponsored by the China Association of museums and China Association of natural science museums, and undertaken by the Marketing Promotion Committee of China Museum Association Since it was founded in Beijing in 2004, it has been successfully held for seven times.


    Under the incentive of relevant national policies, in recent years, with the help of the Internet and new technology digital platform, Chinese museums share the excellent cultural resources owned by museums with the public, popularize and pass on the connotation of traditional culture in innovative and creative ways, so that more people love traditional culture, how to curate and create ideas, and tell Chinese stories well. Digital IP is a museum The top priority of work. The theme of this Expo is "Museum: a new era, a new journey", which is also the theme.


     As the birthplace of modern museums, Britain plays an important role in the international museum industry. The concept of Museum curation is also at the forefront of international academic research. With the deepening of cultural exchanges between China and Britain, some common problems of museum development in the future need to be discussed and faced together, which is the significance of holding this forum


     This forum takes Chinese and British experts as the main body, combines the industry accumulation of Britain as the source of modern museums and the local exploration of the development of Chinese culture and Museum in the new era, and takes the cultural exchange and sharing between China and Britain as the media to contribute knowledge and experience on how to create and share the common wisdom of mankind and tell Chinese stories from the world perspective, so as to provide a platform for the innovation and development of cultural and Museum in the new era Inject new vitality


2 Organization


Guiding unit: Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Organizer: China paleozoology Museum


The University of Nottingham


Zhongbo Yidao Cultural Communication Co., Ltd


Organizer: Donghe Exhibition Industry Alliance


Beijing QianLiJu Exhibition Co., Ltd


3 Guests present (regardless of rank)


Wang Yuan (curator of China Paleontology Museum)


Liu Chaoying (Chairman of Beijing Museum Association)


Prof. Wang qianjuhan, assistant professor of design, University of architecture, UK


Topic: Nottingham and museum industry in China – a story of collaboration


Nottingham and the Chinese museum community: the road of win win cooperation


Yu Lebin (deputy director of Chen Expert Committee on China's MICE Economy Research)


Theme: memory, education, information spirit: four key words of the new era curatorial concept of narrative Museum


Professor Eugene ch'ng (Professor of cultural computing, School of international communication, University of Nottingham, UK)


Topic: strategies for the option and use of digital technologies (VR / AR) in present Museums


The application strategy of digital technology in contemporary museums


Zhu Yicheng (Assistant Professor, School of journalism, Beijing Normal University)


Theme: "exhibition, interaction and communication: application cases, enlightenment and trends of machine learning and artificial intelligence in museums"


Feng Zuguang, Ph.D., public art teacher, Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts


Theme: resonance between art and science and technology


Innovation dimension of Digital Cultural Expo IP


Dr Gabriele Neher (Teaching director, art history department, School of humanities, University of Nottingham, UK)


Talking Stories: Leonardo da Vinci, cats and audience engagement


Story: Leonardo da Vinci, cat's date with audience


Li Lisong (deputy director of Changsha Museum)


Theme: contemporary thinking of Museum exhibition planning


Wang Siyuan (full time lawyer for entertainment media business)


Speech topic: value co creation: rules and modes of IP copyright operation in International Cultural Expo




Liu Yang (maker tutor of Tsinghua University Art and technology innovation base)


Topic: from digitalization to intellectualization: on the development and practice of Museum intelligent service


Zhang Bingkun (founding partner of QianLiJu Design Institute)


Topic: collaborative design and the discovery of Museum IP





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