Announcement of the final evaluation results of the first China Exhibition Art and exhibition technology innovation competition

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  • Time:2020-12-16 14:44

     On November 15, the "first (2020) China Exhibition Art and exhibition technology creativity competition" (hereinafter referred to as exhibition and Chen creative competition) was held in Shenzhen, hosted by China Convention and Exhibition Economic Research Association, and organized by Expo alliance and Shenzhen digital creative and Multimedia Industry Association. This "exhibition and Exhibition creativity competition" is divided into two special events. The exhibition hall space design creative competition has been shortlisted for 25 Works through preliminary evaluation and 23 works have been shortlisted in the creative competition of featured exhibition items.


     Since the first exhibition creative competition was launched, it has attracted wide attention in the industry. All kinds of exhibition projects actively participated in the competition of preliminary evaluation and selection activities were extremely fierce. 48 works were selected from 151 entries by professional judges and entered the final evaluation stage.

     13 experts were selected by the 24 academic guidance expert committee of the competition, and 12 experts were actually selected for epidemic prevention and control reasons. According to the "evaluation method for the entries of the first China Exhibition Art and exhibition technology creative competition", on the basis of reviewing the application materials and exchange and discussion of the shortlisted projects, the evaluation experts produced the first "exhibition and Exhibition creative competition" award-winning candidate list through real name voting.

     According to the "evaluation method", the list of winners was reviewed by the presidium of the "exhibition and Exhibition creativity competition", and the number of the shortlisted works and the final voting ranking of the two events were referred to. Finally, there were 11 Golden exhibition awards and 14 silver exhibition awards in the exhibition space design creative competition, 10 gold exhibition awards and 12 silver exhibition awards in the creative competition of characteristic exhibitions.

     The award-winning works have innovative and pioneering practical exploration in the overall planning, space layout, exhibition line planning, technology application, graphic design and other aspects, showing a good display effect. The space of the exhibition hall achieves a harmonious unity in the form design and content design, profoundly reflects the exhibition theme and content, has a distinctive era, ideological and artistic quality, and focuses on the center and service It has played an important role in enriching public cultural life and promoting economic and social development. The entries are positive and adhere to the correct political direction and value orientation.

     The awarding ceremony of the first China Exhibition Art and exhibition technology innovation competition will be held in Lishui, Nanjing from December 8 to 10, 2020. At the same time, the 2020 China exhibition industry innovation development forum will be held with the theme of "technology enabling creativity, making the exhibition alive". The details of the above activities will be released in the follow-up. Enterprises and individuals in the exhibition industry are welcome to participate actively.

It is hereby announced

Organizing Committee of China Exhibition Art and exhibition technology creative competition

November 23, 2020



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