British Museum Association 2020 annual meeting: exploring the future of Museums

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  • Time:2020-12-15 16:28

     The British Museum Association 2020 annual meeting will be held online from November 2 to 6 and will be open to all members free of charge.


During the fair, a series of useful seminars will be launched and supported for UK participants.


     The theme of this annual meeting is "world turned upside down: exploring the future of museums". Over the past year, the way museums connect with communities, protect collections, and support employees, freelancers, and volunteers have changed. We will discuss these changes at the annual meeting and discuss how the museum industry can respond to the challenges.


    The new coronation epidemic, the black lives matter movement, and the climate crisis have had a huge impact on society and created a critical moment for us to reflect on the future and goals of museums.

The following topics will be focused on in this meeting last year

1. In response to the new reality brought about by the new epidemic situation, this paper discusses how we can meet the needs of the community and get out of the crisis.

2. Examine the decolonization of museums and their role in addressing the issues of racism, injustice and discrimination that plague our societies.

3. Explore what we need to do to build an inclusive, participatory and sustainable Museum?

4. Develop the initiative skills of the participants and tell the effective facts for the museum to attract investment.

5. Share ideas and best practices from around the world and draw inspiration from the global museum community.

6. To provide a platform for peer contacts and alliances to jointly explore and respond to future challenges.

7. Cultivate the practical skills of participants and boost their confidence to control this earth shaking world.

     During the annual meeting, participants can also visit the Gairloch Museum, Ross and Cromarty in northwest Scotland under the leadership of curator Karen Buchanan, which has just been awarded one of the five co winners of the British Arts Foundation's Museum of the year award.


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