Central Soviet Area (Western Fujian) History Museum -- Policy is the life of the Party

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One day in 1929, Chairman Mao led the Red Fourth Army on the winding mountain road march. The vast team is full of red flags red armbands, a look from a distance, like a red iron flow, in the pile of green mountain rolling forward. Dressed in sunshine, Mao walked with the soldiers. He would climb the top of the hill and study the terrain; For a while, and look for roadside people to understand the situation, investigation and research. Walking, he and a few staff around him, fell to the back of the line.

The troops have taken up residence in a village. Service long comrade Yang Lisan busy for a while, came to the kitchen, looking at a pot of pork, happy from ear to ear. Thought: the soldiers worked hard for a few days, can have a full meal; Chairman Mao, in particular, traveled with the rest of us all the way, through mountains, rivers and hardships. The soldiers had a rest, but he was even busier. Look at him, he's thinner...

It was a long time before Mao arrived at the camp. Yang Lisan came forward happily and said:

"Mao committee member labors, quick wash a face, have a rest, evening beat tooth offering!"

Chairman Mao asked kindly, "Huh? What kind of tooth offering?

Yang Lisan smiled happily to go to the stove before, suddenly opened the pot cover, a delicious pork smell.

"Pork! Where did you get it?" Mao asked him.

"From the rich!"

"Where is the local tyrant?"

"On the road, a local tyrants, is driving three or four fat pigs, called us met!" Upon hearing this, Chairman Mao asked more seriously:

"Are they tuhao?"

"The lice on the monk's head -- it's obvious! Will there be three or four fat pigs?"

"On this alone?" Committee member MAO was worried and asked him many questions, but he could not answer them. Chairman Mao then said:

"No, we must send someone to investigate!"

One investigation, so that is a pig dealer, not what local rich. Committee Chairman Mao took advantage of this incident and said to everyone:

"Tuhao, we must take a taxi, but we must make it clear according to the policy. However, we should protect the small and medium-sized businessmen and not encroach on their interests."

Chairman Mao then laid out a number of arguments to the group. His earnest and tireless teachings give us a deep education. Mao then asked again:

"Comrade Yang Lisan! What do you think should be done about it?"

"I'm wrong, I'm right!"

"What else?"

"Apologize to the pig dealer!"

"What else?"

"Take the market price to calculate money, send money to make amends!"

Only then did Mao nod his head with satisfaction and say to the group, "We should all bear in mind that policy is the life of the Party."


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