Central Soviet Area (West Fujian) History Museum -- Hexagonal Pavilion Negotiation

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On a summer evening in 1937, the sun set against a sky that was red with fire. Longyan down the lane came a few people, the head is nearly forty middle-aged. With a handsome face and bright eyes, he stepped calmly on the bluestone steps leading to the Olive Ridge and stepped into the dark door of the Longyan Chamber of Commerce.

There is a small garden in the chamber of commerce. Here towering banyan, jagged rocks, a white hexagonal pavilion under the tree. The middle-aged man paced inside the pavilion, open skirt, let the breeze, blowing the hot and hot summer and uneasy.

He was Deng Zihui, the representative sent by the Military and Political Committee of Southwest Fujian to participate in the Kuomintang and CPC negotiations. Looking at the horizon, the sunset to the horizon left a red glow, Deng Zihui remembered the negotiation, can not help but think of myriad thoughts.

In 1937, the "Lugouqiao Incident" occurred, and the Anti-Japanese War broke out in an all-round way. Lian Tisheng, commander of the 469 Canton Brigade of the Kuomintang in Longyan, had to resume the suspended negotiations under pressure from all sides and demanded direct negotiations with Deng Zihui

It was a sunny day in July. Deng Zihui drove straight into Longyan City from the middle. Longyan City suddenly lively up.

"Now that Deng Zihui has returned to Longyan, there is hope for negotiation!"

Crowds poured into the streets, set off firecrackers and lined the streets to welcome. Deng Zihui waved enthusiastically to the crowd. "With such a mass and such enthusiasm for resisting Japan, we are sure to succeed in our great cause of resisting the enemy..." Deng Zihui is full of confidence.

The negotiations proceeded in tortuous struggles. Deng Zihui solemnly expounded the basic position of our Party. In the end, differences still arose over the location of the Red Army concentration points. Deng Zihui was alert to the Kuomintang's plot to eliminate the Red Army guerrillas. At that time, the Third Independent Regiment of the Red Army in southern Fujian, due to the compromise and concession of He Ming, the leader of the Special Committee in Fujian and Guangdong, signed an agreement with the Kuomintang and Guangdong Army without the approval of the party organization, and agreed to pull the Third Red Regiment to Zhangpu, where the Kuomintang was heavily stationed. As a result, the Third Red Regiment was surrounded by the Guangdong Army and all disarmed. Therefore, Deng Zihui insisted that the Red Army guerrillas in western Fujian should be concentrated in two places. For this point, the two sides clashed several times and refused to yield. Deng Zihui seized the Zhangpu incident, angrily accused the treacherous acts of the Guangdong army, and lodged a strong protest to the Kuomintang. He pointed out: "Because of your treachery and the 'Zhangpu Incident,' the troops are very worried, so we insist on concentrating in different areas. My brother personally believes that there will be no such incident in western Fujian, but it is difficult for the army to explain clearly."

"This...... This......" Lian-ti-sheng had to agree with Deng Zihui. But at the exact spot where the meeting took place, the wily exerciser frowned and another idea occurred. "Well... Red Army guerrillas to open the Longyan white earth point!"

"No! The Red Army can only concentrate at Baisha of Longyan and Yongding Ping and on the border." Deng Zihui took into account that Baitu was on the highway, vulnerable to enemy encirclements, and Baitu and other places were thick mountains, dense forests, inconvenient transportation, and the former Red Army guerrilla zone, so he resolutely demanded that this place be made up for the site.

A long dispute has no end. Deng Zihui exposed the conspiracy of the Guangdong Army to create the second "Zhangpu Incident" in the west of Fujian to people from all walks of life, which was widely sympathized with, and people from all walks of life denounced the difficulties of the Guangdong Army. Faced with this situation, Lian-Ti-Sheng finally agreed to Deng Zihui's terms.

In the process of negotiation between Deng Zihui and Ti-sheng, the Kuomintang commissioner, pro-Japanese Zhang Ce 'an and the practice have contradictions, seeing the Kuomintang negotiations will be successful, they destroy the trouble, the attempt to adapt the Red Army for the province Bao-An-Tuan, thus eliminating the Red Army guerrillas. Late one night, when the moon was bright, a group of white local militia sent by Zhang Ce 'an suddenly surrounded Deng Zihui's home, attempting to kidnap Deng Zihui's relatives and family members as hostages and sabotage the peace negotiations between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. They broke into the house only to find it deserted. It turned out that Deng Zihui learned of Zhang Ce 'an's plot, the timely transfer of relatives to a safe place. Failing to catch anyone, the vigilantes broke up the furniture and went on their way, swearing. Zhang Ce 'an's plot came to nothing.

As night fell, unknown summer insects began to call each other. Representatives of all parties came to the Longyan Chamber of Commerce to reach an agreement on the formal negotiation provisions and sign into effect.

In the hexagonal pavilion, Deng Zihui, with a brush in his hand, signed the agreement freely and smartly. Out of the booth, looking up at the sky, the stars shimmering, 熣 zi hui heart flew to the anti-japanese front in the war-torn ears seem to hear the nationwide anti-japanese magnificent passionate music echoed in the earth.


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