Preliminary evaluation meeting of "national treasure narrator (cloud talks about national treasure) -- National Cultural Expo online explanation and live broadcast promotion activity" held in Beijing

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  • Time:2020-12-16 11:17

      On July 8, the preliminary evaluation meeting of "national treasure narrator (cloud talk about national treasure) - national cultural relics Expo online explanation and live promotion" was held in China cultural relics daily. After careful evaluation by experts, 32 professional racetrack players from Nanjing Museum, Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum, Shaanxi History Museum, China Geological Museum, China Securities Museum and other units, and 32 amateur track works from bilibilibili (hereinafter referred to as "station B") were shortlisted for the second round (see Annex for the list).


      "National treasure narrator (cloud talks about national treasures) - national cultural relics Expo online explanation and live promotion activity" is jointly sponsored by China cultural relics news agency and CCTV news new media center. Academic support is provided by China cultural relics society and China Museum Association. Station B is the exclusive implementation platform of this activity. Since the event was launched on May 18, 1224 entries have been received in the "cloud talk about national treasures" zone of station B. representatives from 242 museums from 28 provinces (autonomous regions and cities) have been selected to participate in the competition, as well as a large number of individual works with up as the main body in station B. According to the activity charter and evaluation methods, the organizer, through online registration, video preliminary examination and other procedures, produced 102 works and submitted them to the preliminary evaluation committee for evaluation.


      The preliminary evaluation is carried out by means of the judges' on-the-spot examination, watching the shortlisted videos, commenting and filling in the ballot papers, which fully embodies the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness. After watching the video of the preliminary evaluation, the judges evaluated the project and voted in real name. The video provided by 32 professional track players and 32 amateur track owners was selected for the second round. The judges pointed out that the explanation videos of the finalists are the representatives of the development of the propaganda and education team and the activation of the content and form in recent years. The depth and interest coexist and show different national treasure stories.


       It is reported that the national treasure narrator (National cloud) is being held, which aims to implement the spirit of the document on the implementation of the excellent traditional culture heritage and development project, and the opinions on strengthening the protection and utilization of cultural relics. According to the Internet plus Chinese civilization plan of the State Administration of cultural heritage, the Chinese cultural relics are fully planned and promoted. Media communication requires that the cultural relics value dissemination and promotion system be innovated, and the most dynamic network content expression forms such as network micro video and network live broadcast are combined with cultural relics explanation. Cultural and museum workers, volunteers and fans of cultural relics are encouraged to do their best to tell about national treasures, spread knowledge, promote culture, and deeply excavate and widely disseminate the cultural essence and value of the times contained in cultural relics Let the excellent Chinese traditional culture live in the present, pass on the historical wisdom to the general public, and strive to build the Chinese spirit, Chinese value and Chinese strength.


      Preliminary evaluation results of "national treasure narrator"


Note: amateur track is selected in the second round video and professional track shortlisted in the preliminary evaluation video rank regardless of order


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