About Us

 Museum Marketing and Public Relations association professional Committee of China (English name: Marketing & Public Relations Committee of the Chinese Society of Museums. The MPR for short) was established in January 2007, was registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, China museum association professional Committee of the leadership is by domestic museum and related wenbo experts and people from all walks of life of wenbo voluntary organizations. To actively explore the museum marketing and development of public relations, opening the museum and the construction of a new marketing mode of the society. Participate in the international museum museum circles in China association of marketing and public relations committee (ICOM MPR) transaction only official representative institutions of China. Branch from hanging unit, as the national Palace Museum.

Combined with the depth of the market to promote the museum; For the Chinese museum in culture, talent training, public education, and the industry, marketing and other aspects leading to expand, active play to the function of the professional committee with responsibility, efforts to promote the development of Chinese museum industry.