Tian yu group won the bid for the national museum of the Chinese modern cultural celebrities' art"

       Tian yu culture group co., LTD., recently won the bid for the national museum of China, "the Chinese modern culture celebrity wax art form to deepen design and construction projects. The Chinese modern cultural celebrities' art "is the national museum of China's long-term project on display. Wax by super realism art representation form, such as character, reappearance scene propaganda and carry forward the Chinese modern culture (the current exhibition mainly refers to the classics, literature, art,) made pioneering, model contribution and had a major impact on cultural celebrities, leading the mass culture demand, improve the aesthetic orientation of the mass culture.

       The display of the content is "the Chinese modern culture celebrity wax. "The Chinese modern culture" also known as "new culture". Hair toughness in the "new culture" new culture movement in the early 20th century, and the difference between the "old culture" lies in its democracy and science, oppose autocracy and ignorance, superstition, advocates the new morality, against the old moral; Advocates colloquialism, opposed to classical Chinese, advocate the new literature, opposing the old literature, thus opened up a new era of Chinese modern culture and thought.
       Exhibition includes both new leader CAI yuanpei, Chen duxiu, li dazhao, hu shi, including in China's modern history more influence to the deep cultural celebrities, such as lu xun, guo moruo, MAO dun, qian zhongshu, zhu zi-qing, shen congwen, xu beihong, xian xinghai, mei lanfang, liang sicheng, Lin huiyin, and so on.

       The exhibition will be open within this year, please look.


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