About Us

On behalf of the state, the National Museum of China is the highest historical and cultural institution that preserves the collective memory and outstanding cultural genes of the Chinese nation, and collects representative material evidence of Chinese culture. It is also the highest historical, cultural and artistic hall of the state that reflects the fine traditional Chinese culture, revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture.

The expo booth will continue to take the architectural image of the expo as the main image of the booth, to create three areas of the living area scenic area, thematic display area and interactive experience area, to present the new fashion of cultural life for the audience. Scenic area is mainly makes the life the life field scene space, will be wen gen products into the sitting room, study, bedroom, such as contemporary household life, bring the audience closer cultural experience, truly live up to "cultural relics", all aspects into the public life and clothing live line, make the public feel wen gen product story behind the transfer of Chinese culture and cultural relics. The special display area is a series of derivative products with the theme of cultural relics display, as well as some new products authorized by IP. On the wall of the special display area, the new situation of guibo cultural resources, guibo cultural and creative industry development and the Cultural and creative China project will be introduced in the form of pictures and texts. Meanwhile, the cross-border cooperation between Guibo and high-quality social resources such as KFC and L 'Oreal will be displayed for the first time. The interactive experience area enhances the interactive experience of the audience through two-dimensional code, PAD and other forms, and enables the public to get to know the museum and its culture and innovation through new forms.