Home is the smallest country and the country is tens of thousands-Ningbo Jiafeng Museum Cultural and Creative Product Design and Production Project

      "The Book of Rites·University" says: "Those who want to clarify virtue in the world in ancient times shall rule their country first; those who want to rule their country must first align their families." A family is the smallest country, and a country is ten million families. If the family style is pure, the people's style is right; if the people's style is right, the political style is clear; if the political style is clear, the party's style is strong. From ancient times to the present, a good family style, good family training, and good family education have always been an important force to promote the progress of social civilization.

       In Gulin Town, Xixiang, Ningbo, which focuses on cultural inheritance, has a deep foundation, and is well-known at home and abroad as the hometown of straw mats, build a Ningbo municipal-level family style pavilion, whether it is the in heritance of excellent family style, the promotion of civilization construction, and the local The reconstruction of kinship is of great significance to the construction of clean Ningbo or the practice of socialist core values.

       The Family Tradition Pavilion uses its educational guidance function to create a platform for party spirit education, clean government education, and family traditions and family precepts inheritance, and strengthen interactive communication with the audience. The preparation of the Family Style Museum is a new attempt and new exploration of Ningbo City in helping families clean up. In order to continuously enrich the content of the Family Style Museum, we will rely on the education position of the Family Style Museum to continuously expand the exhibition capacity in the museum and fully explore the culture of the Family Style Museum. Value, combined with family education activities and party building activities, educates and guides the majority of family members to actively inherit the clean and honest family style, promote the main theme, spread the positive energy of upwards and goodness, and quietly transfer the socialist core values to the millions of families. Household. Let every family enjoy "the prosperous family and harmony".

       The Family Style Museum is like a thick history book, a collection of books about Chinese culture. Whether the essence can be perfectly presented through the space design is a test and a platform for Qianliju, who is committed to creating a high-quality exhibition space.

      "Spring" is the beginning of all things, and "Autumn" is the beginning of everything.

      The Ningbo Family Style Museum takes the bearing and dissemination of excellent family style and family motto as its core concept. We take "Family Country Spring and Autumn" as the main design line, and strive to create an exhibition space that is "leading in the province and benchmarking in the city" as the goal. In the design, it fully combines unique historical culture, rich folklore resources and traditional family style resources to make it play its own unique exhibition effect. At the same time, the family tradition and education can be carried forward and passed on.

      The exhibition hall is divided into four parts: preface hall, exhibition hall, tail hall and others. The exhibition display is supplemented by modern methods such as multimedia, scenes, and artworks to make the exhibition more rich and interesting. The interaction with the audience allows the audience to naturally learn the knowledge of family tradition. In this way, the righteousness is conveyed with family traditions, and the culture is inherited with historical feelings, and vigorously  promoted the traditional Chinese virtues.

      One flower one world, one leaf one bodhi . Family style means national style, family prosperity means Cathay Pacific, and Cathay Pacific means folk music. A business is like a family. If the corporate style is right, the united will become a city and the industry's benchmark.


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